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Use Windows Explorer to search for
documents in FileDirector

FileDirector has an application that lets you use Windows Explorer to search and browse documents that are in FileDirector just as you would with local files.

With Filedirector Portal Web you can perform the
main activities of your business by the browser of your choice

With Filedirector you can scan via browser, index, upload, perform tasks, edit, query, save images, email, view versions and thumbnails, zoom, rotate and flip features, switch page view and download documents.

Burn documents to CDs/DVDs, Pen Drives or External Hard Drives

With the media burning module, you can burn documents to CD/DVD, Pen-drive or External HD with integrated viewer for later.

Any user can access documents via browser

Users can access FileDirector through their network workstations or browser, performing all their online activities.

Recover documents without difficulty

FileDirector provides a comfortable new way to retrieve documents by reflecting your file and returning all relevant information. It is an easy-to-use tool based on the Windows Explorer framework that allows quick and easy access to the information you want, including carousel viewing so common on today's devices and full-text search.


Capture and Processing

Content Management

Process Management

Records Management

Safety and Compliance


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