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Who we are

FileDirector & DocSystem is part of the Spielberg Solution group, a German company with over 50 years in the market. The Spielberg Group operates in the development of software solutions and services focused on document management and business process automation.

FileDirector is a registered trademark of Spielberg Solution. In January 2020, the DocSystem group that until then was responsible for marketing the DocSystem product in Brazil and Latin America, adopted the FileDirector brand, using it as a global identity and expanding its operation to the United States, therefore. , all Spielberg Group and DocSystem companies use FileDirector's unique branding in their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) product.

The FileDirector product is designed to serve all organizations regardless of their industry or size.

We create competitive, comprehensive, differentiated and innovative solutions for excellence in corporate information management.

FileDirector products add value to companies by increasing productivity, reducing costs, flexibilizing and quickly adapting to changes that occur in the daily in the companies, whether due to process improvements or regulatory obligations without impacting infrastructure, allowing them to adjust agile processes as the company grows and the market changes.

We are committed to the generation of sustainable technology, reducing the use of natural resources and allowing users to enjoy the full benefits of organized management with less and less paper and more productivity.

With a team of experienced professionals, we are always ready to transfer our knowledge and experience of years of project implementation across all sizes and segments of customers and partners. We want to see you satisfied and taking full advantage of FileDirector.

The FileDirector brand is present on every continent, with over 26,000 installations around the world.


Develop complete solutions at a prices that will satisfy the needs of any organization.


To be recognized worldwide as a solution provider for corporate information management, getting more customers with energy and passion.


Work with ethics, discipline, positivity in all actions, professionalism, innovation, commitment, dedication, respect, energy and strategy to achieve the goals.

Worldwide Presence

Today, we are present on all continents

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