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FileDirector has a variety of features and functionalities to compose a complete Document Management and Process Automation solution for both on-premise and cloud installation:

Capture and Processing

Indexing can be done from manual to artificial intelligence for automated document recognition, ensuring productivity and efficiency in content classification and indexing.

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Content Management

FileDirector Platform centralizes and protects relevant information for your business, and work integrated to the systems that you alredy have to accelerate your operation. It is a tool capable of dealing with complex business requirements and centralize the vital information to the organization.

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Process Management

Automate business processes is a smart strategy to control and expand operations. See how you can easily do that using FileDirector’s Platform resources.

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Records Management

FileDirector Records Management allows to automatically control the period of time that the documents should be available, the phases and what should happen to them and to their records after the retention period expires.

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Documents Distribution

Find your content instantly with keywords or specific text phrases, metadata, notes and names at any time and wherever you are.

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Safety and Compliance

FileDirector is a safe application that ensures that the documents are only accessed by authorized users. The users don’t have direct access to the database or content storage locations, what ensures that nothing is changed or excluded from FileDirector by mistake.

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Easy integration to existing systems

FileDirector allows the integration with several ‍applications, systems, databases and many more.

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Customers Testimonials

"FileDirector has become a very important working tool for our company; our commercial and legal departments depend on the information managed by FileDirector to close and authorize the release of new contracts; without it would not be possible to conclude a negotiation for the sale of a new property."

Fernando Silvino
Contracts Manager | PDG

"FileDirector is the best choice for companies looking for a complete, easy-to-manage, cost-effective ECM solution. The user environment is easy to use and the system has very interesting resources that allows the optimization our production tasks."

Osvaldo Fiorentino Jr.
IT Manager | Electro Plastic

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